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Victims and Families

What the Victim Notification Scheme is

In some criminal cases, victims have a right to receive information about the release of an offender. They may also have a right to be told when the offender is being considered for release and to make written representations (written comments) about the release of the offender.

The process that allows victims to be told about an offender's release and to make representations is know as the Victim Notification Scheme, or VNS.

The VNS is in two parts, the first part allows victims to receive information about an offender's release. The second part allows victims to make representations to the Parole Board in advance of an offender being considered for release. The Board will consider these representations along with other information on the offender's case before reaching a decision.

Full information on VNS can be found at the website below:

Victim Notification Scheme

Parole Board for Scotland
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Phone: 0131 244 8373
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