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The Parole Board for Scotland is a tribunal Non Departmental Public Body that works within the criminal justice system. Operating within a statutory framework, its job is to protect the public by risk assessing prisoners to decide whether they can be safely released into the community on licence. The Board aims to make risk assessments which are rigorous, fair and timely and which can contribute to the rehabilitation of prisoners and ultimately reduce reoffending.

The task for a Parole Board member, first and foremost, is to protect the public. The impact of their decisions can be far-reaching and serious. The role carries with it a big responsibility and the decisions are often difficult, but with that responsibility comes the reward of a fascinating and fulfilling role and visible evidence that you are contributing towards a Safer, Stronger Scotland.

Members are required to devote 8 to 10 days per month to the role and are paid a daily fee for doing so. Appointments are for up to 7 years.

Current vacancies

Currently, the Scottish Government is not looking to recruit people to be Board Members. Future Board vacancies will be advertised on the Scottish Government's Appointed for Scotland website. The website also provides details of other current public appointment positions which you may like to see.

Parole Board for Scotland
Saughton House, Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 3XD
Phone: 0131 244 8373
Fax: 0131 244 6974
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